Electric Fencing, Part the Two

Electric Fencing, Part the Two

Floss and I were out again this morning to build the second leg of our electric fenced track for the Minions.

I don’t think the ponies were very impressed but it has to be.

The second bit will eventually join onto the first bit and goes around the rest of the field, missing out our septic tank which is always a squishy bit.  I also needed to leave a track so I could lead the horses out of the field without too much bother.

We encircled Vitamin and Fivla with electric fence but they have the rest of the field – the inside bit – and they seemed happy enough with that.  There is much more grass and they hate moving around, tending to stay close by the others, probably lording it over them that they have all the grass.

I briefly thought about strimming the dockens but decided not to as I would have to clear them all up afterwards and actually nobody minds them so who cares.

Newt also likes walking through them. Camouflage. Not.  They tickle his very low to the ground tummy.

So we worked hard working out the maths of it all, ie which hurdles we can use for gates and how to get horse and ponies in and out.  We didn’t want to paint ourselves into a corner!

I am pleased it has all come together now.

My vision is realised and, I think, works….. so far.

Floss was wonderful and lugged, set up and helped.  She was full of ideas too, which I needed as it all got a bit impossible at one stage.

And no one is alone and miserable.

There are always visitors.

Electric Fencing, Part the Two

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