Things You Should Know About Animal Communication

Things You Should Know About Animal Communication

Universe is one big consciousness and we are all a part of it. This consciousness allows us to communicate beyond our usual senses. I, as an animal communicator, connect with animals on a psychic level. This is a gift I was born with but over the years, I have come to believe that we can also cultivate these skills with building a strong intuition and practicing, just like any vocation.

We learn eventually what we are meant for or the purpose of our lives but ever since I have gained consciousness, my heart’s calling was to understand animals. This could be because my proximity and exposure to them early on, but I feel my connection with them goes way beyond this time and space continuum. As I like to say, my pets are my soul mates from all lifetimes and alternate realties and my faith in that statement grows everyday, thanks to my work and the pure love of these angels.

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My work as an Animal Communicator has been the most fulfilling experience of my life. Being grown up around various animals, I have known loss and also unruliness that can come with being a pet parent or animal lover. In my practice, I have helped people find closure and even help them understand why reasons behind their pet’s behaviour.

While at times, its mere lack of understanding that cause a pet develop certain kind of behaviour issue  and sometimes it is also afflictions or traumas that the pet has experienced and has went unnoticed. So, I use alternative healing modalities like Bach flower, Energy healing, Crystal healing, along with their conventional treatment, to help them live enriching lives with their humans by resolving behavioural issues anxiety and health problems  in pets.

Myths about animal communication

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1. “Animal Communication is controlling the animals mind”no it is helping the humans understand the animal perspective and animals understanding the human perspective 

2. You need the physical presence Of the animal to connect. No that’s not true as we are connecting with the animal they way they connect with each other by using their psychic ability. We are taping into them intuitively  to get all the information 

How does animals connect to us?

As humans, our ability to connect energetically or say intuitively (gut feeling) collude due to lack of understanding, conditioning and general disbelief.

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How does your friend accidentally calls you when you’ve been missing them or thinking about them?

Have you reached home and found that your favorites are made which you were day dreaming about all day?

While these little magic moments fall short to convince us that we are connected to our loved ones more than just one way (physically), our lives are not devoid of these moments. Now, Animals are energy masters and seasoned psychics. They know when you are sad, angry, sick, low or whatever, without muttering a word. How does someone who doesn’t share either genes, or blood, ancestary or species, langauge or physiology, understands you?

They can read our thoughts because they connect with you at a much deeper level at the soul level. 

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Have you ever noticed that when you are sad your dog comes to you will sit next to you nudge put his face on your lap and you start petting him you feel better and eventually that gloomy sad feeling is lifted. This is how he taps into you to understand that all you need at this point is his unconditional love. Their are times when he is looking intently at you and scanning you trying to understand what is going on inside you emotionally. This how our animals keep taping into us on a day to day basis connecting with us and helping us. 

For once try understanding what your pets want from you and I can assure you their answers shall amaze you. In my work as a pet psychic I connect with so many animals daily and I am amazed that how animals know us so well. I act as a bridge or a messenger to help them understand  the unique bond and gift that they share with each other 

Remember, their soul purpose is to help you experience unconditional love. Let’s build a stronger bond with your pet, shall we?

Dos and Don’ts of Animal Communication

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1. Sit in a calm place, to sharpen your intuition and connection during the session

2. Come Prepared with your questions, so that a clear and productive session can take place

3. Honour the connection the that animal communicator and animal builds during the session – discussions can take place once the session is over

The author is an Animal communicator, Pet psychic, Holistic Healer and Bach flower therapist. She is helping lots of pet parents and pets around the globe by healing them from different ailments and resolving behaviour issues. An Animal lover since birth, Parul is also the Founder of Humans Of Animal Land.

Things You Should Know About Animal Communication

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