Camouflage | My Shetland

Camouflage | My Shetland

I happened upon these two yesterday. I thought it was very sweet.  Both totally at peace with each other.

Walking the dogs through the horses’ field, I decided everyone has excellent camouflage.

It is the autumnal colours.

Horses, what horses?

Iacs is now sporting a fabulous beard and you can see a hint of a prehistoric zebra stripe on his withers.  He is such a dinosaur.

Haakon wanted food.  Sorry, nope, nuffink.

And in this field, you can see Pepper.

That is, if you squint.  She is the exact same colour which makes dog walks quite irksome.

Ted is easily lost too.  Nowadays, I just shout and hope.

So I hoped Pepper was following, or at least close by, and I stopped for a chat with Iacs instead.

Seriously bad weather is looming now.  I have to make some moving decisions soonish.  I keep looking at the forecast and saying to myself “it might miss us”. I fear not.

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Camouflage | My Shetland

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