Typical Afternoon | My Shetland

Typical Afternoon | My Shetland

My typical afternoon consists of me going into my shed with the dogs and sometimes the cat.  It is not the warmest place so I usually have the fire going and my oil lamp gives out heat too.  I love the oil lamp and warm my hands on the shade.

I stab away at the latest sheep while watching something too – I’ve just finished the entire Benidorm series and now have started Motherland, which is hysterical and reminds me of the London life I left behind over 20 years ago to live in Shetland.

The dogs are quickly bored in my shed so we reached a deal and I let them out.

The deal is as long as I can see them every so often, then that’s fine.

I could see Pepper – she was trying to get under the shed.

Someone lives under there and she wants to meet them.

Obviously having the door open in late November means I get cold but I recently invested in a stoneware bed “pig” which I fill with boiling water, Problem solved. Happy feet.

I love this little pig.

After I have created a sheepie creation, I go out with Pepper to check everyone. I was given a huge pile of odd carrots so I take a good pile with me and distribute.

And then, as the sun has set (15.11), I go into the house to write this blog!

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Typical Afternoon | My Shetland

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