Kitten season at Animal Aid

Kitten season at Animal Aid

It’s ‘kitten season’ at Animal Aid Gippsland.

It’s that time of year again when foster families have an amazing opportunity to adopt a cute kitten for their household during a time where many feline friends are coming in.

In the next five months a couple of hundred kittens will come into the Fulham animal aid shelter, both with their mothers and on their own.

Nasha the cat, trick or treating for Halloween. Photo: Stefan Bradley.

Some will be in need of veterinary care, others will just need a place to rest and grow before they can be desexed and put up for adoption.

Animal Aid Sale animal attendant Laura Ryrie says the shelter is looking for a large number of foster families to help cope with the influx.

Four-year-old Romeo is looking for love from a foster family. Photo: Stefan Bradley.
Animal Aid describe four-year-old Romeo as ‘sweet and smoochy’. Photo: Stefan Bradley.

“It gets very busy this time of year. It’s starting to pick up – we’re seeing a lot of babies being born and pregnant mums coming in,” she said.

“I think (the cats) like to breed in the warmer months of spring and summer.”

Animal Aid is always looking for more donations and volunteers to keep their operations running smoothly.

“It costs a lot to desex, vaccinate and microchip, and all of that. The adoption fee is not much compared to all that. So monetary donations are always appreciated.”

Chester the cat with Laura Ryrie, enjoying Halloween celebrations at the shelter. Photo: Stefan Bradley.
Chester, a cat at Animal Aid. Photo: Stefan Bradley.

“One thing we need, especially during kitten season, is donations of wet cat food, such as Whiskas loaf.”

The cats go through health checks from the vet before they go through the adoption process.

Five-month-old Zara is full of energy once she gets out of her shell and is very playful.
Photo: Stefan Bradley.

For dog lovers, there are also canines available at Animal Aid for adoption.

“It doesn’t get busier this time of year, it stays pretty consistent with dogs,” Ms Ryrie said.

For questions about the adoption process, phone 5144 5940 or email

Siblings Bob and Lila celebrating Halloween at Animal Aid. Photo: Stefan Bradley.


Kitten season at Animal Aid

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