The Mud

The Mud

Where the ponies eat has descended into revolting welly-boot sucking mud.

I clamber about with my buckets hanging onto the ponies’ manes to keep me upright as I go. They are very used to me doing this and sweetly stand firm knowing it is the difference between me losing my boots while falling over or not!  I wonder what curse words they know?

I saw something in the sky very briefly this morning while I was doing my last Christmas present and card distribution.

When I went passed the MInions’ field, I did my usual head and leg count.

As you can see, the muddy area is where the Minions come up for their breakfast.  I’ve just had a great idea – I will put their bowls on the other side of the field where it is just grass and change them about every morning to avoid the mud.  Why didn’t I think of this sooner?  Duh!

But I am barely talking to Little Herself.  She went off to find polecats while I was feeding the ponies. I shouted and whistled for her as I was leaving but ended up having to clamber up the hill to get her to come home with me.  She knows this was not A Good Thing but I do love the way she sits!  She’s always done this.

And then there was the practice Christmas photo. Oh no.

Not our best.

So I gave up.

The Mud

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