The Mud

Where the ponies eat has descended into revolting welly-boot sucking mud. I clamber about with my buckets hanging onto the ponies’ manes to keep me upright as I go. They are very used to me doing this and sweetly stand firm knowing it is the difference between me losing my boots while falling over or […]


Yesterday it rained and rained and rained and …… well, you get the picture. It rained a lot.  Torrential at times and I ran out of coats and almost clothes. And with the rain came the mud.  It was revolting and I couldn’t keep the Waffle, Storm, Tiddles and Albie like that.  They were cowering […]

Favorite Video Friday – Mud Bath Mayhem

Home > Favorite Video Friday, Fun Stuff, Pet Videos > Favorite Video Friday – Mud Bath Mayhem Favorite Video Friday – Mud Bath Mayhem I don’t know about you guys, but here at Casa del Mel spring has really started to take hold. Although I still have tons of snow in the front yard, the sun-drenched backyard […]

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