Clarted in Mud | My Shetland

Clarted in Mud | My Shetland

Guess who came on the dog-walk with me?  It wasn’t even a particularly sunny or nice day but still Monster whinged and walked with us.  It was nice to have the company.  The dogs always rush off, possibly disowning me.

However, Monster had one small mishap when he under-estimated the depth of the ditch he wanted to cross and so very nearly fell in head-first!  His front end was filthy and clarted in dirty ditch-water mud (yes, I was trying very hard not to laugh – poor chap).

And then he wasn’t. All the mud had immediately vanished – just a slight bit on his paw and manly chest and chin.  Whatever that cat is made of, should be marketed as totally stain-proof.

Feline Rampant (heraldry terminology).

And we walked the whole circuit of the ponies’ track together.

We all climbed over (me) or through (Pepper and Monster) or under (Ted) the fence and walked along the burn for a while.

Monster is so intrepid and yet, so clean.  How?

And by the time we got home, you would never have known that Monster had been, albeit briefly, a brown muddy cat.  He has magical qualities, I tell you.

And, yes, I folded, and let the ponies back into their field as their track is so wet and very muddy even after a few days.  My new plan – track during the daytime and inner field evening and night.  I have no will power.  There, I’ve said it.

Clarted in Mud | My Shetland

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