Person seen taking dog from ACCT Philly was animal’s owner

Person seen taking dog from ACCT Philly was animal's owner

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — A person seen on video taking a dog from ACCT Philly was the animal’s owner, Action News has learned.

The shelter released video of the incident on Monday showing Withers, a 15-pound cockapoo-type mix, being taken out of its crate.

Acting co-executive director Sarah Barnett explained the man used a door not normally accessible to the public.

The man was in and out of the building within ten minutes.

After investigating further, officials said Withers was found safe and the crews are in contact with the dog’s owner.

The shelter released this statement on the incident:

“We are always glad when a dog is reunited with its owner. However, with over five thousand dogs a year coming into ACCT, it is critical that members of the public follow the process we have established for reuniting pets with their owners. That process requires working with our staff and providing proof of ownership when reclaiming a pet. We are here to help, but we need people to work with us and understand our simple processes are in place for a reason.”

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Person seen taking dog from ACCT Philly was animal’s owner

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