5 ways to defend animals during National Justice for Animals Week

5 ways to defend animals during National Justice for Animals Week

This National Justice for Animals Week, show your support for farmed animals by taking these five simple actions.

It’s that time of the year again!

This week marks National Justice for Animals Week, an initiative by the Animal Legal Defense Fund which raises awareness about animal cruelty. Through this annual campaign, advocates are demanding stronger animal protection laws, as well as legal consequences for unlawful cruelty. 

In the spirit of National Justice for Animals Week, Animal Equality has compiled five ways to protect farmed animals. Here’s how you can join the action: 

1. Find a protest near you

Animal Equality has been at the forefront of nationwide protests against Denny’s for allowing gestation crates in its supply chain. These cages prevent mother pigs from turning around or taking more than a step forward throughout their entire pregnancies. 

You can lend your voice to animals trapped in Denny’s supply chain by joining a protest near you. For the latest details about Animal Equality’s upcoming demonstration in Irving, Texas, check out this Facebook invitation…and mark your calendar! 

Sharon Núñez, President of Animal Equality, attending a protest against Denny’s and Finn Partners in New York City

2. Take digital action against Denny’s and Finn Partners

Animal Equality has launched a secondary campaign against Finn Partners, a marketing and public relations firm that recently took on Denny’s as a client. Advocates have taken to social media, commenting on Finn Partners’ pages and demanding it cut ties with Denny’s cruelty. 

Others have emailed Finn Partners’ leadership directly, calling out the hypocrisy of a company that claims to “make a positive impact in the world.” You can share your thoughts about Finn Partners’ association with cruelty by emailing executives here. 

3. Sign a petition

As shown by Animal Equality’s investigations, factory farms are one of the largest causes of animal abuse in history. Calves are separated from their mothers immediately after birth, piglets are left to die on factory farm floors, American horses are sent abroad for slaughter, and hens used for eggs are left to agonize in small, wire cages. 

Fortunately, hundreds of thousands have signed Animal Equality’s petition to end factory farming. By adding your voice, you can fuel the global movement against animal cruelty. 

You can end this cruelty! Please sign our petition calling for the end of factory farming in the United States.

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But why stop there? You can learn more about Animal Equality’s campaigns and sign additional petitions here. 

4. Report false advertising

Grocery store packaging often depicts farmed animals breezily romping through pastures, content beneath the summer sun. Meanwhile, pigs, cows, chickens, and other animals suffer behind factory farm doors, often unable to experience sunlight or breathe fresh air. 

Rather than addressing these cruelties, corporations often resort to false marketing. Using labels such as “natural” or “humanely raised,” they continue to profit from animal cruelty. 

Have you encountered an advertisement, product label, or other types of marketing material that seem false or misleading? Imagery of animals outside, as well as terms such as “animal welfare,” are relevant.

Please share your discovery with us using Animal Equality’s “humane-washing” submission form, and help us bust the “humane” myth. 

5. Cook up change with Love Veg

By choosing a cruelty-free, plant-based meal, you won’t just reduce demand for animal products. You’ll also become a positive example for those learning about the factory farming industry. 

Love Veg has made it simple to choose compassionate proteins by providing a free digital cookbook. Take your culinary skills to the next level while exploring new and familiar flavors. 


With rich emotional lives and unbreakable family bonds, farmed animals deserve to be protected.

You can build a kinder world by replacing animal food products with plant‑based ones.

5 ways to defend animals during National Justice for Animals Week

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