Family Photo | My Shetland

Family Photo | My Shetland

Ted is off to the hairdresser tomorrow so I thought I would do some “before” photos.

He is just reaching that skanky stage when I am glad we have an appointment tomorrow, ie he can’t see out.

Last year, I left it too long between appointments so from henceforth Ted’s hairdressing will be every three months for the perfect result and dog.

The boy is doing well here.

He and Pepper are great friends.

They argue about everything and both suffer from huge and constant jealousy, which makes for them always being together.  I use this all to my advantage.  Wherever Pepper is, Ted will not be far behind.

Pepper is running off to visit the neighbours less, though every time I write this she goes off the next day a-visiting so I am not holding my breath that she is cured of this embarrassing habit.

But she is very sweet and has grown up a lot these past months.  She is not yet two years old (4th July).

This is her sensible I-am-listening-to-you face.  She is an intelligent little doglet.

So all well here.

Ted will lose his coat just in time for the snow that is forecast next week!

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Family Photo | My Shetland

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