On my Hollibobs!

On my Hollibobs!

Today is the first day of my holiday. I am currently sitting in a train station lounge waiting to board the sleeper train from Aberdeen to Euston tonight.  I flew down this afternoon in a relatively uneventful flight. Though the landing was a tad feisty.

I may have eaten my weight in free shortbread but no one is counting. The hot choccie is made of water which is disgusting but I am still drinking it.

Exciting times ahead and tomorrow morning I will be in London.

I’ve left Pepper on her best behaviour with a promise not to run away in my absence and Floss is holding the fort at home so all is well.  Poor lass has filthy weather ahead this weekend.  I am feeling rather guilty.

Possibly more tomorrow, though please bear with me as I am writing this on my iPad, which does not bring out the best in anyone.



On my Hollibobs!

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