Glorious Morning | My Shetland

Glorious Morning | My Shetland

A glorious morning (weather-wise) makes up for last week’s debacle.  It really does.

However, it does not make up for Newt’s Napoleon complex which is defined as “a domineering or aggressive attitude perceived as a form of overcompensation for being physically small or short.“.  Well, that’s Newt to a tee.

Silver is, of course, the model of perfection.

His behaviour is exemplary as well as looking beautiful for any photo.  Newt does not have this ability.

The Old Ladies are doing well. My work of religiously feeding Vitamin throughout the year has yielded dividends. The word “tank” springs to mind now.  She is looking great. A leg at each corner now.

As this lot have plenty grass, I shut the gate to the small emergency hay park.  I turned around to see a pair of eyes watching me  – Fivla!

Nothing gets past her.  Not never!

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Glorious Morning | My Shetland

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