Starchild: Why Malaysian kids think Sang Kancil is a smart animal

The Sang Kancil, or mousedeer, is revered in Malaysian folklore for its cunningness and bravery. There are several stories that depict these qualities of the Sang Kancil. One famous tale tells of Sang Kancil’s encounter with a group of hungry crocodiles. The mousedeer wanted to get to the other side of the river to devour […]

Innovative Smart Animal Traps Revolutionizing Wildlife Management in the Asia Pacific Region

Exploring the Impact of Innovative Smart Animal Traps on Wildlife Management in the Asia Pacific Region In the Asia Pacific region, the advent of innovative smart animal traps is revolutionizing wildlife management, offering a more humane and efficient approach to controlling and studying animal populations. These technologically advanced devices are transforming the way wildlife is […]

Long Bill Funds Department of Ag’s Climate Smart Goals, Animal Disease Response Team – by Ark Valley Voice Staff

As Colorado legislators finalize the content of the state budget, the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) is praising lawmakers for their support of Governor Polis’s key budget requests that support agricultural communities across our state through passage of the state’s Long Bill. The Colorado General Assembly funded several new staff positions that will help drive […]

Sumter Animal Control’s Charlotte is a smart girl who loves attention

This cutie is Charlotte, and she’s searching for her forever home. Charlotte is approximately 1-3 years old and weighs 51 pounds. She is going through a 2-week board-and-train at My Buddy K-9 Dog Training, where she will learn basic commands and basic manners. This sweetie absolutely loves attention, whether it be from humans or other […]

Make smart choices, and save tigers from extinction

With research and contributions from Conservation Interpreter Grayson Ponti Hadiah enjoys some sunshine on a warm day. This month is all about tigers at the Dallas Zoo! The Zoo is home to five magnificent Sumatran tigers: Suki, Melati, Manis, Hadiah, and Kuasa. From Melati’s enviably long whiskers to Kuasa’s sheer size and Manis’s characteristically short, […]

Helping Your Dog Cope – Smart Animal Training Systems…

Helping Your Dog Cope with Holiday Space Invaders The holidays present unique challenges for families with dogs. Whether you are hosting guests or visiting relatives over the holiday season, there are always issues and stresses that can affect your family dog. Most household schedules and activities are less predictable which can lead to more anxiety […]

Shiny New Objects! – Smart Animal Training Systems…

Shiny New Objects! Several weeks ago I was lucky enough to be able to attend Clicker Expo in Arlington, Virginia.  I love the opportunity to spend time connecting with colleagues and students, learning interesting new things, and of course, buying new stuff!  It’s a good chance to refresh and give my brain a nice creative […]

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