So Smart (but I hate it)

So Smart (but I hate it)

Pepper lost her collar somewhere during one of her Great Escapes so I decided to buy her another.

And I am not sure at all if I like it.

I love the colour, but I hate the collar – too big, too wide and too chunky for my wee pin-head Patterdale terrier (Pepper has a small head for her chunky body). So I’ve ordered another one made with rolled leather in the same colour in the hope this is The Collar – I am very fussy about this sort of thing. It has to be right and no matter how I look at it, I know that this one is not. Every time I look at Pepper, I think “nope, I hate your collar”.

However, nothing is every wasted. Ted’s is looking as if his one is about to break and he might end up with this green one instead (hand-me-down – sorry, Ted and twins as well) or, failing that, there is always some sheep that needs a collar when they are in my care, ie a handle easy to grab.

I have also ordered another dog tag for indentification as Pepper likes to wander. She was returned by a complete stranger the other day!  Nothing changes.  Every time I think it does, she lets me down.

Anywho, the games continue and Pepper is still bouncing around Maggie and Maggie is still chasing Pepper.  The funny thing is that they both love this game (and that is exactly what it is) while neither is prepared to back down or stop.

I hope I like the next new collar.

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So Smart (but I hate it)

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