Blizzards Now | My Shetland

Blizzards Now | My Shetland

It’s been hard work today.  The weather is not letting up and the snow is now getting worse.  These pictures are from early this morning when it was just windy and starting to snow again off and on.

Despite this, everyone is holding up very well. They all seem bright, chirpy and resourceful.

My blackbird is living in the sheep shed.  Sensible.

And the sheep are living outside – their choice, even though there are haynets indoors. I fed them hard feed twice today mostly to get them out of the way so the ducks could have two meals without an argument.


At lunchtime, I gave the Icelandic horse a good pile of hay plus a couple of buckets of water.  The gable end of the shed is very sheltered which makes it an ideal spot.

There was a bit of an argument – thank you, Haakon.

But Kolka made her presence known and got her fair share of hay.

Iacs went for a corner approach.  Sensible chap. He stayed out of the arguments.

Since then, there has been a whole lot of snow dumped on us and the outside water pipes are all frozen so we have to lug water from the house.

But I can sleep tonight without worrying too much because no one is cold and everyone is full of food and water.  We have done our very best.

And the Eggbox is a ruddy God-send, I can tell you.

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Blizzards Now | My Shetland

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