Poor Ster | My Shetland

Poor Ster | My Shetland

Poor ‘Ster has pink-eye or snow-blindness or Infectious Keratoconjunctivitis.

We have been treating ‘Ster for a couple of days now once I noticed his right eye was opaque but sadly it has spread to his other eye and he is finding it difficult to see, let alone get around.

Today he was utterly miserable and keeping apart from the others, preferring to be on his own.

When I found him by himself (and more than a little hysterical – he is prone to the vapours), I moved him into the little paddock behind the house, where I can see him from the kitchen, opened up the shed for his bedroom and gave him ‘Bert as his seeing-eye sheep companion. My fear is that he would fall into a ditch and not be able to get up.  It is better to keep him where I can see him.  I am not sure how much actual vision he has.

Hopefully ‘Ster’s eyesight will return but it can be a long process with treatment (so far we’ve tried ointment, an injection and now spray). The weather is to blame. It is just one of those things.  ‘Ster is feeling very sorry for himself today.  I am feeding him regularly too – so he can easily find food.  Sheep are a constant worry, as are ponies, dogs, children, cats……

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Poor Ster | My Shetland

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