5 Cool Facts about Penguins for Penguin Awareness Day

It’s Penguin Awareness Day today! Here are five cool facts about penguins to celebrate. Emperor penguins don’t build nests. Instead, the male emperor penguin balances the egg on his feet and covers it with a warm layer of feathered skin called a brood pouch. African penguins are also called jackass penguins. They make donkey-like braying […]

Animal Crossing New Horizon Fans Celebrate The 21st Birthday Of The Snooty Penguin Villager Friga Today

Animal Crossing has some very memorable and adorable characters in them. Although many remember the cozy and happy characters like Nook Nook the most, we are here to talk about everyone’s snooty Penguine Friga. ADVERTISEMENT Article continues below this ad With the frigid Friga celebrating her 21st birthday today, here are some interesting facts that […]

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