And then there were two

And then there were two

I have been umming and aahhing these past few days about ‘Bert.

And I think my diagnosis is correct.  He has pink-eye too.

So in he went with ‘Ster and off I went to the vet to get some more antibiotic injections. I was sold a whole bottle this time as it will probably go round the whole flock. Ster is thrilled to have a friend and is eating better now because he can hear Bert enjoying his food.

So now I am obsessed with eye health and am inspecting everyone thoroughly.

Madge (and this was the closest we’ve ever been without force) has lovely clear eyes.

As does Edna (those lovely eyelashes).

Barrel was up close and personal and difficult to photograph (I love his head tuft).

Lambie did his usual village idiot look!  God alone knows what he is wearing on his nose.  Let’s tell ourselves it is hay.

Maggie is fine.

And back with Lambie, still smiling.  He is enjoying himself enormously and always seems to know when I have treats about my person, which I carry to bribe Bert and Ster to like me again, after the horrid injections that sting (‘Bert actually lay on the floor and had a tantrum – I have never seen a sheep do that!)

So here’s hoping the rest don’t get this.

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And then there were two

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