Baby Bunny Update | My Shetland

Baby Bunny Update | My Shetland

My neighbour sent me this beautiful photo yesterday so I popped by this morning to have a progress update and to see Baby Bunny for myself.

The fact that BB is still alive is totally because of my neighbour and her family.  They are all doing their absolute best for this little one.  No one could do more.

(apologies for my photos – they are rubbish).

Although Baby Bunny has lost a little of its original weight, it is alert, moving around much more, the fur is growing and its eyes are almost open – so all signs of progress.  But feeding can be a bit of a performance.  Intake is being upped now to get some weight on but if you feed too much, they can die. If you feed too little, they can die….. and the list goes on.

Hand-reared baby rabbits have a 10% chance of survival and that is not great odds really.

So more thoughts and prayers for Baby Bun please.

So incredibly tiny and such a little sweetie too.  Oh my heart.

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Baby Bunny Update | My Shetland

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