Obsessed with Icicles | My Shetland

Obsessed with Icicles | My Shetland

We had a beautiful sunrise this morning and I am trying hard not to think “red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning”.  This shepherd is ignoring that.

It was still and pretty while I fed the Shetland ponies their daily bucket of nothing mixed with vitamins and minerals.

Tiddles and Albie finished their’s early, or were pushed off by greedier ponies, so they came up to hassle me to let them eat Fivla’s bucket – she is a very slow eater.  I said no, and tried diversion tactics instead.


The ice on the ponies’ water bucket was a good 1.75cm thick.  I broke it with my foot and lifted out the floating icebergs with my hands wishing I had remembered to wear gloves!

The ponies finished up their breakfast and you can see that behind them they have a huge hill of uneaten old grass to get through.

Despite Tiddles’ best efforts, they are not starving.

The ice seems to thaw slightly during the day and then comes back, growing another layer on the plants.

I find it fascinating.

The ice crystals grow like mad chemistry experiments everywhere.


I found an ice flower.  That was stunning.  I love the frill at the bottom.  I wish I had taken more photos but I couldn’t feel my toes or fingers at this stage.

I may be more than a little obssessed with ice crystals now, just not the sheet black ice variety – now that is lethal.

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Obsessed with Icicles | My Shetland

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