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snake chasing in animal well

There’s a menagerie of creatures for players to contend with in Animal Well. Some are dotted around the world, and others, like the Snake, are in set locations with a puzzle that can have you scratching your head for a long time.

Animal Well‘s Snake is a creature you won’t meet until you’re exploring the final few nooks and crannies of the game’s world. When you do, it can be a bit of a challenge because it wants to crush you while you attempt to escape its arena. The additional element of difficulty here is that the arena is built to lock you in, blocking Bubbles and your Disc, so you’ve got to think your way out of it using a new method.

How to get past the Snake in Animal Well

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You’ll need to get past the Snake twice in Animal Well. The first is after you enter its room, having found the S Medal and using it on the snake statue near the starting room. A this point, you’ll be on the right-hand side of the room and want to get to the left, past the Snake.

As you can see in the image above, the Snake will move around the room, creating shapes you can jump on. However, the creature will crush you if you stop moving, so this is pretty risky. Getting across with the Disc is impossible because of the vines dangling in front of both exits from the room, and this makes using Bubbles pretty challenging, too. The Snake will also pop these Bubbles and chase you faster than you can create them.

The solution is to tease the Snake into the right-hand corner of the room, run to the left, jump on its head, and ride it to the exit. Jump off the Snake’s head before it crushes you against the ceiling. Beyond this room, you’ll find a new item: the Remote.

This brings us to the second encounter with the Snake, which is much easier. The Remote will cause the Snake to come under your control so you can move it up, down, left, and right. Once you control it, try getting it to eat all the fruit in the room.

After you’re done messing around with the Snake, you can use the Remote to create a bridge or steps to the exit, allowing you to get from the left-hand side of the room to the right-hand side exit where you first entered. Don’t forget to explore the room above the Snake’s room by using Bubbles because there’s an Egg in there you could easily miss.

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How to get past the Snake in Animal Well – Destructoid

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