Annual Canine Crawl features fun, animal awareness

Annual Canine Crawl features fun, animal awareness

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The 22nd annual Canine Crawl kicked off at Town Common on Sunday.

Animal lovers and their furry friends enjoyed some live music, vendors and games at the Town Common. The Humane Society of Eastern Carolina puts the event together in an effort to raise funds for a good cause and spread awareness about issues pertaining to pet neglect, abandonment and homelessness.

Director Shelby Jolly praised the organization for its efforts. Each and every dollar raised from Sunday’s event goes straight to their animal care. 

“So like medical and emergency fees,” Jolly said. “Some with our medical, spay, neuter, vaccines, microchipping, literally everything you do when you get your little new animal from us is all brought to you by events like this and stuff. Every single thing, because we don’t get anything. So, everything we do, we do for them.”   

Community Engagement Coordinator Morgan May said an event like the Canine Crawl is a great opportunity to not only enjoy the comradery with pet lovers but to also educate people who come to events like the Canine Crawl and allow them to learn more about the organization. 

“My favorite part about this is getting to share with people that didn’t know we existed or never heard about this and really educating them and kind of opening their world into what animal welfare in Eastern North Carolina looks like,” May said. 

The organization does its best to match each person with their perfect pet. It also goes beyond match-making for just dog lovers. Jolly says the animals are brought into the organization with extreme care and this needs to be done in order for the match-making to occur.

“We’re limited admission so every animal that we pull into our care goes to a behavioral evaluation and all that stuff before we take them in,” said Jolly. “We do dogs and cats and we do have two rabbits right now for adoption, but we are primarily dogs and cats.

“We do have an adoption process, so you fill out an application, you set up an appointment, you come in, and meet them. We do try and make like best matches possible for everyone we want it to be a forever family situation.”  

Go to HSEC’s website to apply for adoption and learn more ways you can help out. 

Annual Canine Crawl features fun, animal awareness

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