Coping | My Shetland

Coping | My Shetland

Fivla is coping better now she has her rug on, which I thought at the time fitted her well but now I’m not so sure.

I think she could go a size up.

This one will do for the time being, but I’ve ordered a rain sheet in the next size up as this is very thick and will save my pennies for the next size up of this version too.  I will also buy a warming thermatex rug so that if anyone is wet, shivery and jittery, they can come in and warm up fast.  More pennies but necessary, I think.

On a good note, any rugs I do buy for Fivla will fit Albie, Storm, Tiddles, and Waffle too.

Others don’t get rugs and anyway I have a library of rugs, just not ones suitable for Fivla’s size and shape.

And Vitamin seems very fit and happy these days.

The wee shed is also proving a roaring success.  The tenants vary according to the time of day – a sort of time-share, if you will.

Storm is clever, he can eat hay while lording it over everyone!

I have been lugging buckets and haynets all day.  Water is important and I made sure Fivla and Vitamin had easy access to a bucket of water.


I went out later in the afternoon with a bucket of hay replacer each for Fivla and Vitamin as they hadn’t been eating the haynets – their teeth are not really up to it.

Tiddles fancied his chances.  Good luck with that, I told him.

I am trying hard not to worry about Fivla.  She is ok in herself but she is old and this winter has been difficult for her.  Hopefully the rugs will help.

Storm was in a cheeky mood, which made me smile. Everyone is, let’s just say, very helpful!

Coping | My Shetland

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