The Ultimate Pet Safety With GPS Trackers


Imagine: you are playing catch with your pet in an open space. You cannot always hold onto the leash, and as soon as you give your furry friend some free reign, they will make a run for it. Soon enough, your pet is out of your sight, and you do not know what to do. Losing one’s pet in a park or on the street is one of the most fearful situations a pet parent can face. Sure, animal tags and harnesses can help identify your pet, but how do you know where your little one has run off to? 

Can I put GPS on my pet?

Now imagine adding a GPS tracker to its collar. Not only does it make for a fancy collar for your pet, but it ensures its safety under any circumstances. You will always know where your pet is and can track it down immediately. GPS trackers today are made for various purposes and are therefore made small and light enough to be attached to almost anything. With these trackers, you can also keep tabs on your pet when you are not around! 

A feature of the GPS tracker that is particularly helpful with pets is geofence. 

A geofence is a virtual boundary that you can set on your GPS. Whenever the tracker enters or exits this boundary, you will get an automatic alert in real-time. So, if your pet enters an unsafe location or goes out of its designated play area, you will know immediately. It makes GPS tracking all the more necessary for the pet parent in you!

Furthermore, we have provided a list of the best GPS trackers for pets available on the market.

best GPS trackers for pet

Five Best Trackers for Your Pet 

Family 1st 4G LTE GPS tracker 

The Family 1st GPS tracker has been listed as the best tracker by Amazon on multiple ranking lists. The Family 1st tracker is an ideal choice for personal tracking- it has a compact and sleek design making it easy to carry and attach. You can very conveniently attach it to your pet. The tracker comes with 4G connectivity and can be tracked anywhere in the state. It is known for its nationwide connectivity, so you never have to be worried about the tracker not working. 

The Family 1st tracker comes with an extended 2400 mAh Li-Polymer rechargeable battery which lasts for two weeks after a single charge. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and a 30-day refund policy, so if you find the tracker not up to your needs, you can return it and get all your money back. Family 1st also provides the most pocket-friendly deals for top-quality returns, making it a popular choice among most. 

Bartun Pet Tracker 

The Bartun Pet tracker is a real-time GPS tracker that works as a smartwatch for your pet, making it a popular choice. 

This waterproof tracker allows your pet to play in any environment while ensuring safety. It comes with a battery life of three days max with 10-minute updates. 

The Bartun Pet tracker has in-built features to track your pet’s steps, walking mileage, calories, heart rate, etc. This data helps you stay informed about your pet’s health and helps prevent obesity as well. The health activity monitor is a much sought-after feature. It keeps you updated with all the information you need on your pet’s health. Moreover, this tracker provides real-time location services in more than 150 countries all around the globe. So if you enjoy taking your pet for your international escapades, this is the one for you. 

The Bartun Pet Tracker comes attached to a very fancy collar- different ones for cats and dogs. Not only does it keep your pet out of harm’s way, but it also makes your pet look smarter with the GPS collar on! 

Whistle GPS Tracker 

The Whistle GPS tracker is yet another real-time tracker you can choose for your pet. This tracker comes with two collar attachments- making it easier for you to put it around your pet’s neck. 

This tracker does not only come with GPS facilities but also a health tracker. Like the previous ones, the Whistle GPS tracker also tracks your pet’s steps, walking mileage, etc. That’s not it- what makes this one unique is that it also tracks your pet’s behavior. It records your pet’s scratching, licking, and drinking habits, sleep and fitness levels, and whether they match their age. You can use the Whistle app to keep an eye on these details. A Bluetooth connection with the device is required. You can also set goals and create a healthy routine for your pet. 

Jiobit GPS Tracker 

The Jiobit GPS Tracker is an excellent choice because if you are not using it for your pets, you can use it to track anything else as and when you’d like. This tracker is a tiny one and is considered a Next-Generation tracker with 5G compatibility. You can use WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular data to track your pet with this device. This tracker is made of durable and water-resistant material, so your pet can play wherever it wants without any fear or risk. 

The Jiobit tracker is tiny and flexible- you can clip it into any collar. It is also as light as a feather, so it will not add weight to your pet’s collar. This tracker also provides geofencing features to set custom boundaries for your pet. 

Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker 

The Optimus 2.0 GPS tracker is a compact, cost-effective tracking solution for pet tracking. It is tiny and sleek. You can hook it onto any collar without causing discomfort to your pet. The tracker comes with a water-resistant case and is made resistant to any sort of wear and tear. Rest assured, it is one of the most durable trackers available. 

This tracker is also known for its internal motion sensor. This sensor detects when the device may or may not be active and puts it into standby mode when not in use. It has a low subscription plan and does not burn a hole through one’s pocket. You can also use geofences with this tracker. 


When buying a tracker for your pet, you have to keep the following features in mind as a priority:

  • Small size 
  • Lightweight
  • Strong connectivity
  • Durability 

Additionally, health and activity monitors also make a good addition to your tracker. Many trackers come with affordable and easy-to-manage cost plans. Before buying a tracker, compare what it offers you with what you need. Hopefully, this article has helped you find the perfect GPS tracker for your furry companion. 

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The Ultimate Pet Safety With GPS Trackers

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