Dragon bone thieves: how centuries-old custom of eating animal fossils drives an underground trade

The department alleged the group arrested had been active since last year, targeting areas without a communication signal and transport access to dig for fossils to sell. They say the accused, who were not known to locals and whose accent indicated they were not from the area, raised suspicions among residents who alerted the authorities. […]

Food security drives China to cut soymeal use in animal feed

BEIJING, April 14 (Reuters) – China’s agriculture ministry issued a three-year action plan on Friday to reduce soymeal use in animal feed as it continues to try to reduce its heavy reliance on soybean imports. The new plan proposes that soymeal ratios in animal feed should be reduced to under 13% by 2025, down from […]

Animal shelters overwhelmed as inflation drives Americans to give up their pets

Animal shelters are seeing their worst overcrowding in three years as the pandemic adoption boom cools and inflation drives owners to surrender their pets in droves. About 23 million Americans adopted pets during COVID-19 quarantines in April and May 2020 — nearly one in every five households — according to the American Society for the […]

Larry the cat drives off fox in Downing Street animal drama

LONDON — A London fox is just the latest to learn what many animals in central London already know: don’t mess with Larry the Cat. Larry, Downing Street’s “chief mouser,” made headlines in Britain this week when he chased off a fox prowling on his turf. Foxes in London are a thing. Thousands roam the […]

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