Starving, beaten, abandoned: The shocking cases of animal cruelty in the North East

Abandoned in the woodland, beat with a metal chain, rescued moments from death, these are just some of the heartbreaking cases of animal cruelty in the North East this year. Other cases involved animals starving and another needing an amputation after the jaws of a gin trap snapped down onto his feet. The RSPCA have […]

Dallas Zoo missing animals: Monkeys found in abandoned home inside closet

Two monkeys taken from the Dallas Zoo were found Tuesday in an abandoned home after going missing the day before from their enclosure, which had been cut. But no arrests have been made, deepening the mystery at the zoo that has included other cut fences, the escape of a small leopard and the suspicious death of an endangered vulture. […]

Rescue centre appeal as number of abandoned animals quadruples

‘It’s a perfect storm’ say Freshfields Animal Rescue as they launch winter appeal amid cost of living crisis. Freshfields Animal Rescue say they’re facing a triple threat this winter. Costs are up, donations are down, and more animals than ever need their help. The centre in Sefton, which has been running for almost fifty years, […]

Animal rescue group ‘sets the record straight’ after nanny claimed Olivia Wilde abandoned dog

An animal rescue group has issued a statement in defense of Olivia Wilde after claims circulated that she abandoned her dog to spend more time with boyfriend Harry Styles. The Los Angeles-based animal rescue organisation from which Olivia Wilde adopted her golden retriever, Gordon, has defended the director’s decision to “re-home” her pet. The statement […]

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