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Pune: The Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) has directed the Maharashtra Animal Welfare Board to immediately constitute an animal welfare committee.The order has come in response to a complaint of alleged cruelty inflicted on community dogs and harassment of a woman feeder, who is caring for the animals at the Border Roads Organization (BRO) School and Centre in Dighi. Meanwhile, the BRO facility has denied the allegations.The AWBI stated that it received an email from community dog feeder Neeti Malviya regarding this issue. The board’s missive said, “As the animals are born within the community and have the right to live in their birth area, it is requested that the authority be strictly directed not to violate the rules and implement provisions of the Animal Birth Control (ABC) Rules, 2023.”A spokesperson from BRO School and Centre refuted the allegations, saying, “We are not preventing animals from being fed outside the premises. The feeder was found throwing raw meat in the premises of the centre, which hurt the sentiments of people posted here. We have separate feeding points for dogs inside the premises and regularly feed them..”Vineeta Tandon, co-founder of the Animal Rescue Trust told TOI, “ There is a severe lack of awareness about the rules. Most organizations are not aware of ABC Rules.”

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Animal Welfare Committee: Formulate Animal Welfare Commitee In State: Awbi | Pune News

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