Rescue centre appeal as number of abandoned animals quadruples

Rescue centre appeal as number of abandoned animals quadruples

‘It’s a perfect storm’ say Freshfields Animal Rescue as they launch winter appeal amid cost of living crisis.

Freshfields Animal Rescue say they’re facing a triple threat this winter. Costs are up, donations are down, and more animals than ever need their help.

The centre in Sefton, which has been running for almost fifty years, does not discriminate and helps any animals that need their support. They usually have around 400 on site at any one time – ranging from cats and dogs to ferrets and pigs.

But with the cost of living crisis hitting hard, Freshfields have launched a special fundraising campaign. For their Christmas appeal, they say every donation made between November 27 and December 6 will be doubled from a match fund from local businesses and supporters.

Debbie Hughes, Communications Manager at Freshfields, told LiverpoolWorld: “There’s a set of very difficult circumstances that are all happening at the same time. Costs are up; the same amount of animal food which cost us £14,000 last year has cost us £21,000 this year. That’s a 50% increase, as well as, obviously, our utility bills going through the roof.

“Donations are down because people are fighting to keep their own families fed as well as having to care for their animals. People are being hit very hard by the cost of living crisis.

“Most heartbreakingly, the number of animals that need our help is quadrupling. We have about 30 calls a day from people who cannot cope. They need to bring the animals in because they can’t care for them anymore. So, it’s a perfect storm of very challenging situations.”

Operations Manager Tara Chandler added: “We’ve got all sorts of animals here: cats, dogs, pigs, sheep, ferrets and birds. We can normally have about 400 animals on site at any one time, normally 30 dogs, 30 cats and about 100 hedgehogs.”

If you’d like to support Freshfields look after unwanted, abandoned and neglected animals, giving them a second chance at life, then you can head to their website for more information.

Jurgen the pig who was rescued from Anfield
Rescue centre appeal as number of abandoned animals quadruples

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