Owner of Guru’s in Newtown fights animal cruelty in India

Owner of Guru’s in Newtown fights animal cruelty in India

By Stephanie Yoder

When Priya Guru, owner of Guru’s Fine Indian Cuisine in Newtown, recalls her life as a child in India before immigrating to the United States, she describes a peaceful coexistence of people and animals.

“When I grew up, I grew up with dogs and cats and cows running through the streets,” she said. “My mom would prepare meals for the neighborhood animals before preparing for the family. India’s beauty is the stray animals on the streets and honking all around. We all existed beautifully until now.”

She traveled to India in February 2023 and, while there, her memories were jarred by what she describes as widespread incidences of animal cruelty and overwhelmed animal shelters. In her view, the animals have been left behind as the country pursues rapid modernization. Guru returned to the United States feeling driven to action, even if her efforts might be seen by many as trying to “empty an ocean with a spoon,” Guru said.

She founded her organization “Guru’s Guardian Angels” to help alleviate this problem and the recently approved 501(c)3 nonprofit plans to focus on areas in western India where Guru has roots.

The non-profit’s seven-member board includes an on-the-ground guidance supervisor in India.

Guru’s Guardian Angels will hold its inaugural fundraiser “Caring through Curry” on Sunday.

For an immediate impact, the funds raised will be “divided among five or six rescuers to help them provide food and vaccination for the stray animals,” said Guru.

In the long term, the organization has a mission to create a foster program that will alleviate the initial expenses of dog ownership by paying for spaying/neutering the animals, vaccinating them, and providing a startup supply of food to encourage families to adopt them.

To support the fundraiser, guests can purchase access to Guru’s vegetarian buffet, which features restaurant favorites garlicky cauliflower and paneer lacha, as well as the house beers, wines, and cocktails this Sunday between the hours of 5 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Guru intends to donate 100% of the proceeds to Guru’s Guardian Angels.

Purchase tickets for $39.99 per person here: https://www.zeffy.com/en-US/ticketing/63cee756-24b8-49f2-8ff9-476ee6f17555

Owner of Guru’s in Newtown fights animal cruelty in India

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