Big Task | My Shetland

Big Task | My Shetland

I spent some of my morning digging through the pile of pony rugs, that had been neatly gone through, put away and a list made by Daisy a while back.

I found Vitamin’s spare rain-sheet and put it on her, discovering it was the nicest of all the rain-sheets – not too restricting at the front and it had lovely leg pleats too.

I might buy a few more (to add to my already huge collection of rugs) as I like the way it fits her.

And then I wondered if Fivla would like one or two too?  She always looks like her rug is far too long for her, especially at the front. It is very restrictive when she walks.

I went round telling everyone else they would not be getting rugs as they are all very “well covered” (read fat) and I am still waiting for them to shiver it off or to the track next it will be.

(Storm was sporting a rather fetching stick!)

I removed it.

Then I went back to my shed and went through all the rugs I had previously dragged out, consulted Daisy’s rug list, packed each into an irritating unhelpful rug bag, labelled it and filed it away in my fool-proof rug filing system (which equates, “now where did I put it, I know I have it somewhere”).

Obviously I had my happy little helper, always helping.

And this is how we dry rugs…..  Vitamin’s is in front of the Rayburn for the day, swapping sides at lunchtime.

And Fivla’s is hanging off the “Sheila Maid”.  There is a not-so-faint smell of Shetland pony in our house.

Big Task | My Shetland

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