Does African Wild Dog Make a Good Pet?

wild dog pet

The African wild dog pet is a highly intelligent and social animal. Its Latin name, Lycaon pictus, means “painted wolf-like animal.” An African wild dog’s colourful patchy coat is mottled in shades of brown, black and beige. It has large, rounded bat-like tail ears and dark brown circles around its eyes. all these Specifications which make people think or try to have this wild animal as a pet.

What are the African wild dog?

The wild dog — also sometimes called the hunting dog or African painted dog — has a colourful, patchy coat; large bat-like ears; and a bushy tail with a white tip that may serve as a flag to keep the pack in contact while hunting. No two wild dogs are marked exactly the same, making it easy to identify individuals.

Are you interested in pet African wild dogs?

Before you think to buy an African wild dog, do some research about these wild dogs and know everything about them because it is not easy to pet an African wild dog puppy.

Keeping and Caring For African Wild Dog as a Pet

Can you have an African wild dog as a pet?

They are like any other wild animals they can’t make good pets, but we can tell you that keeping an African wild dog puppy as a pet is not impossible but it will be hard, It is not like the normal dogs, African wild dog is social by nature and demands a great amount of attention and interaction from their owner. This is what makes wild dogs change their behaviour towards their owner, Often potential African wild dog owners overlook the important task of understanding the nature of the wild dog and the domestic dog and become overwhelmed when their “African wild dog domesticated” begins to show behavioural traits that are unexpected and unmanageable.

Do African wild dog make a good pet!

Whether or not if we said that an African wild dog makes a good pet, the biggest contention is some people have outstanding success with an African wild dog pet so making a blanket statement is difficult. The reality is that there is an animal with a genetic stew that includes contributions from a line of dogs that has been domesticated over the centuries compiled with a contribution of an animal that has not.

Is it legal to Pet African wild dog?

There are many legal issues involved with keeping wild animals as a pet in the U.S. It is felt that African wild dogs are not only the most misunderstood animals in the U.S. but also the most mismanaged. Though some feel they are wonderful pets, many opponents argue that they are unpredictable and so hard to train and inherently dangerous. Because of this, having an African wild dog as a pet is illegal in many places and is often associated with many rules in others – and with good reason.

Sadly, there is no federal law regarding the ownership of an African wild dog puppy. Laws are left to be determined by the individual states. Some states, like Texas, Ohio, and North Carolina, do not regulate ownership of the wild animal pet on a state level, but rather, leave it up to individual counties.
This often leads to wild animals like the African wild dog falling into the hands of caretakers who find they cannot care for these wild creatures, causing them to abandon or abuse these animals.

What you Need To Know About African Wild Dog pet

African Wild Dog Puppy Description

The African Wild Dog have many names like the Wild dog, Painted dog, Hunting dog, Painted wolf, Painted hunting dog, African hunting dog, Cape hunting dog, Hyena dog, Ornate wolf.

If u want to own an African wild dog pet, We will give you the right Description to know more about this African hunting dog. They have a very special coat. The irregular pattern is coloured with yellow, white, brown, and black spots. Each pattern is unique to each location, just as human fingerprints are unique individuals.

African wild dog pet

Carnivore Order, Canidae Family, Genus Lycaon

Height at the withers: 60 to 80 cm
Weight: from 20 kg to more than 30 kg
Tail length: 30 to 40 cm
Gestation: About 70 days.
Number of young per litter: 2 to 21, average 10 to 11
Longevity: 6 to 11 years in the wild (variable depending on the region), up to 15 years in captivity.

With a long, lean body, long, thin legs, large, rounded, and distinctive ears, and a long plume tail at the end, the snout of the African wild dog is black with a black line all along its forehead. In addition, it measures about 1m50 in length including head and tail and weighs from 20kg to more than 30kg. that makes him one of the Fastest Animals On the land.
The wild dog from South Africa is larger than that of East and West Africa. Males are larger than females in all regions.

The African Wild Dog is distinct from other canids, it has only 4 toes on each leg instead of five, it has no dewclaw. In addition, it has 42 teeth whose premolars are larger than in other canids, which allows it to consume bones in large quantities.

African wild dog Behaviors

The most important thing you need to know before having an African hunting dog pet is the behaviour of these wild dogs, Experts have determined that wild dogs and dogs share more than 99%of of their DNA, but those few strands make a big difference. As a wild animal, an African wild dog must be self-sufficient, capable of finding (and killing) prey, fending off enemies, and generally preserving its own life — essentially the opposite of what you want in an animal who’s sharing your home.

African wild dog puppies may have a high level of curiosity. because the wild dogs are constantly exploring their environment, says Frank Wendland, executive director of the African wild dog’s Sanctuary in La Porte, Colo. In the wild, that means knowing every inch of a territory that can comprise from 50 to 1,000 square miles. that is why you need a big backyard for ur African hunting dog pet.

domestic African wild dog

Note: better to look for an African wild dog puppy. it will be easy for you to tame.

Care of African wild dog pet

As if that wasn’t enough to deter you from considering an African wild dog as a pet, there are some care issues that come up with having this beautifully painted dog. It turns out that there are no approved rabies vaccines for wild dogs. Though owners are encouraged to vaccinate their pets, they have two options when doing so. They can either lie to their vet about what dog breed the animal is, or they can sign a waiver that states they understand the vaccinate is not approved, so if their animal bites someone it will be impounded, often ending with euthanasia.

African wild dog pet also requires much more exercise than dogs, as they usually walk or run up to 100 miles a day in the wild. Their intense prey drive, however, makes it nearly impossible (and often illegal) to have these animals off-leash.

African wild dog as a pet

African Wild Dog Puppy Diet

African wild dogs are outstanding hunters who roam vast territories in search of ungulates, especially gazelles, They hunt in packs which make them use highly effective techniques to take hunt down big prey.

What should I feed my ” puppy African wild dog “!

It’s not hard to find the right food for your African wild dog puppy they can eat almost any kind of meat like Beef, chicken, fish, or even venison or horsemeat are all-sufficient protein sources for your African wild dog puppy. The meat needs to be fresh or frozen and needs to be served in chunks to the animal. Do not mix it with the kibble, but supply it in a separate feeding once a day. Three pounds a day on average will keep your African wild dog pet in top shape.

If the idea of handling blood fresh meat turns your stomach, there are frozen dog foods that supply the meat source in a less “raw” will be good for your African wild dog pet.

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African Wild Dog Price

How much does an African wild dog cost?

To own an African Wild Dog pet you must be ready for a big budget to take care of this wild dog and budget for getting one. (for sure better to look for an African wild dog puppy.) as we can estimate you need almost 30.000$ per year to meet the needs of the puppy African wild dog ​of food and health care.

How much does the price of African wild dogs?

African wild dogs puppies are not cheap. and before you think to have one find a place that can offer African wild dogs for sell The average price of an African wild dog is around $1500 and can go over $3000. This is more expensive than most purebred dogs. Decide if that is the kind of money you would like to spend on a wild dog. That is not a lot it’s the same price of husky or hybrids dogs.

African wild dog puppy

African Wild Dog Training

After owning an African wild dog puppy the next step is how to train this wild dog to be tamed for your words and behave well.

The African wild dog is like All dogs it needs proper training, and training your domestic African wild dog doesn’t have to be arduous or expensive. Whether you are sharing your home with a new puppy or an adult dog, it’s never too soon to start training your wild dog to become an African wild dog domesticated, because Most dogs are happier with the structure and confidence that comes from training.

  1. If you haven’t already been using a crate, the first week of training is a good time to introduce one. The crate is a good tool to manage your painted dog behavior when you aren’t there to supervise.
  2. Figure out how you want to reward your painted dog. Clicker training is an effective method, but it’s possible to use rewards without the clicker. Before you start teaching commands and tricks.
  3. Learning commands is essential for dog training. Your African Wild Dog needs to know how to respond to its owner in order to stay safe. Start with the more basic commands and once those are mastered, move on to others.
  4. African Wild Dog pet thrives on routine. Create a schedule of mealtimes, walks, and playtime early on in training. From the first week of establishing the routine, be careful to remain consistent on both weekdays and weekends
  5. Begin teaching your domestic African wild dog to live with other dogs or even cats and that won’t be easy for the wild dogs to be at home with other pets.
African wild dog pet

some question about African wild dog pet

Can a wild dog be a pet?

Unlike domestic dogs, African Wild dogs are social and gather in packs of around ten individuals these canines have a unique social structure. which make it so hard to keep these wild dogs as a pet, and on some rarer occasions, as working animals. Although closely related to domesticated dogs, African Wild dogs do not show the same tractability as dogs in living alongside humans, and generally, a greater amount of effort is required in order to obtain the same amount of reliability.

Are wild dogs friendly to humans?

Wild dogs generally avoid human interactions, unless they have become acclimated to people They can be so friendly with humans and that is what we see in the zoo and some Nature reserves. Please do your part to keep wild dogs where they belong they are Endangered species—in the wild. Don’t feed the wild dogs because they can lose their fear of humans by becoming used to them.

Can you adopt an African wild dog?

Sadly, there are no African wild dogs in captivity in the US. For two reasons: one there are no African wild dogs in the wild in the US, the second reason there is no place to adopt this puppy African wild dog.

and I can assure you there is no African wild dog domesticated you can find, so no need to look for this kind of African wild dog.

Will African wild dogs attack humans?

African wild dogs, like most wild canines, these wild dogs prefer to stay as far away from humans and it doesn’t live near any city in Africa. They don’t even go after livestock unless there’s a shortage of their usual prey. If they do encounter humans, they would only attack if cornered.

Are African wild dogs aggressive?

They can be aggressive when they hunt or when they face some danger, they don’t attack humans for sure but bad things can happen, these African wild dogs can be deadly if they feel the threat even hyenas or lions cant stand up against the troops of African wild if u think to get an African hunting dog pet you should think twice.

Wher i can find African wild dog pet for sale?

It is not easy to find an African wild dog pet for sale but there are many places in Africa that can offer this kind of dog. it’s not so expensive there but you will have a problem taking this African wild dog puppy with you, to the USA or the UK or any other country out of Africa, all we can say is good luck in that.

What is the hybrid African wild dog

The African Hybrid Dog is the product of mating a type of ordinary dog with the African wild dog, either through direct mating or through genetic manipulation or fertilization by an informant. This type of dog is called the Hybrid Wild Dog or the African Hybrid Dog.

Warning :
This article is general and is not based on breeding. Refer to specialists and discuss with them before purchasing an African Wild Dog


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Does African Wild Dog Make a Good Pet?

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