Memorial fund set up to honor local animal lover | Local News

Memorial fund set up to honor local animal lover | Local News

A memorial fund has been established by a local doctor who loves animals in memory of a former patient, whom he knew briefly and who shared that love.

The $15,000 Nancy Casey Memorial Fund was announced Saturday at the Dirty Dog Bash, an annual fundraiser for Friends of Hardin County Animal Shelter, the benefactors of the fund.

The fund, established by Dr. John Pendleton, will help support the nonprofit’s work to help stray and adoptable animals in the community at the Hardin County Animal Shelter.

Pendleton said he met Nancy on a very unfortunate evening when she was very ill, and that, before her death, he had the chance to meet her family.

“In moments that were terribly difficult for them, they were as understanding and caring as anyone could be,” Pendleton said. “I hope this endowment gives the Casey family a small sense of peace, a well-deserved legacy, and a memorial.”

Mark Casey, Nancy’s husband, said the endowment fund was a fitting tribute for his wife who would do anything for animals.

“She was constantly bringing animals in and she volunteered at several of the local pet areas,” Casey said. “When we worked at Fort Knox, she would call me on the way home, and I would immediately pick up the phone and say no because I knew she was at the vet clinic there trying to bring home another animal.

“On our honeymoon we went to Bush Gardens, and she spent a good four hours doing nothing but petting and talking to birds,” Casey added.

Casey also said one of Nancy’s goals was to start a business or even a volunteer service that would take people’s pets to the vet to be put down to spare the families that grief.

Sarah Fellows, coordinator for social media and communications for the Friends of Hardin County Animal Shelter, said the organization is “both humbled and honored to be able to help in some small way continue Nancy’s legacy.”

“We didn’t have the good fortune to know Nancy, but we understand what a big heart she had and how much she cared about animals,” Fellows said. “We’re grateful that Dr. Pendleton would want to continue her legacy in this way.”

Davette Swiney, president and CEO of Central Kentucky Community Foundation where the fund was established, said it will help to memorialize Nancy forever.

“It was neat to hear Nancy’s husband, Mark, talk Saturday at the Dirty Dog Bash about Nancy’s passion for animals and her lifelong commitment to them,” Swiney said. “The endowment fund will help support work for animals in Hardin County long-term and be able to provide ongoing support for those efforts.

“It’s always an honor for us when people entrust us to carry out this kind of fund,” Swiney added. “We take that seriously and want to make sure that we do everything we can to honor her legacy and to ensure that those dollars help support what was important to her.”

Pendleton said he was very pleased the Friends of Hardin County Animal Shelter was Nancy’s charity of choice.

“I have always had a love of animals and I think FOHCAS is a very dedicated and deserving organization,” Pendleton said.

Mark Casey said it was unbelievable the award went up to the amount it did.

“That Dr. Pendleton put so much money into this foundation, it just kind of took us all aback when we heard that,” Casey said.

The endowment fund will continue to give to FOHCAS in perpetuity. Anyone wishing to give to the fund can do so by going to

Memorial fund set up to honor local animal lover | Local News

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