Sitting Outside | My Shetland

Sitting Outside | My Shetland

I haven’t sat outside with my ponies for what feels like ages.  It has just not been the weather.  Too cold, or too wet, too winter or too meh.

But, after putting up some more electric fence posts to strengthen the fence, I had an empty feed sack (originally had the posts in to carry down to the field) with me.  Perfect for sitting on.

So I found a spot, put my bag down and sat on it.  It didn’t take long…..

Albie was first up.

Tiddles stood next to me.

(the wind was still blowing – you can possibly tell)

Albie and Silver were close by.

Storm appeared too.

Of course, Pepper.


And lastly Newt.

Pepper featured a lot in everyone’s lives because she suffers from intense jealousy if I am showing affection to any other animal.  It is all about her.  Always.  I know that now.

Anyway, it was a lovely morning and even better for having a sit, chat, cuddle and nose kissey with my little ponios and then being clambered on by a very demanding small dog. I want more days like these, please.

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Sitting Outside | My Shetland

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