‘Pandemic Pups’ are overwhelming animal rescues warns Donegal Animals in Need

‘Pandemic Pups’ are overwhelming animal rescues warns Donegal Animals in Need

The volume of calls to Animals In Need’s helpline from people wishing to surrender their dog has become overwhelming.

There are so many people asking to give up their pet now that they are back at work and the unfortunate dogs are unwanted.

AIN would remind people that just as a dog is for life, not just for Christmas, they also should not be just used as a temporary companion during lockdown in a pandemic.

Every animal rescue in Ireland is full to capacity and most of the dogs are what have become known as ‘Pandemic Pups’, which is a sad situation for these confused former pets.

Please stop and think hard before taking on a dog that is depending on you to look after them for the rest of their life.

Sick and injured kittens found at Rossnowlagh

This situation is also taking a toll on the volunteers who work hard to save as many dogs as possible from being put down.

Five dogs also needed to be rescued from Letterkenny Pound this week.

Sometimes it takes a long time to find the right home for a rescued dog.

A lovable bull breed called Nubes was in foster care for over a year.

Nubes was originally brought over to Ireland from Spain, but when her owner returned to Spain without her, she ended up in kennels and was in danger of being put to sleep by her new owners.

However, the kennel owner refused to allow this and instead contacted AIN who agreed to take Nubes in.

Nubes loves humans and other dogs but is not so keen on cats and AIN were delighted when she was found a fantastic home in Sweden.

She set off for her new home on the 13th October, arrived safely, and soon made herself at home with her new family, who adore her. Have a great new life Nubes.

The cat rescuers have also been busy. Three weeks ago, two stray kittens were spotted by tourists in Rossnowlagh.

Unfortunately, they were only able to catch one of the kittens and despite setting a small, kitten trap, they could not catch the second kitten.

However, they did manage to catch Father Cat, who somehow managed to squeeze into the tiny trap, and he was swiftly taken to the vets to be neutered, before being returned to the area.

Anton and his brother Ashley were dumped in a box 

Marina, the rescued kitten, was brought to AIN and has recovered from cat flu.

After several weeks with no further sightings of the missing kitten, this weekend not one but two of Marina’s siblings were caught.

Both kittens are in a sorry state and have cat flu and the male kitten also has a nasty, infected bite wound around his neck.

They are all safe now and will be getting the food, warmth and treatment they need.

Anton, a white kitten who was found dumped in a box at the roadside last week, is doing well in his foster home after he was found by a kind family and brought to AIN.

However, it seems Anton was not dumped by himself and his brother was found at the same roadside at the weekend.

Despite a renewed search of the area, no more kittens have been found yet.

Anton’s brother has been called Ashley and he is feeling rough at the moment but is enjoying snuggling into his heat pad and having a full tummy.

Another little kitten was found by the roadside in Fanad on Thursday last. He is only around 3 weeks old and weighs 250g, which is a quarter of a bag of sugar.

He is doing well and loves having his tummy tickled.

Two kittens who were found in a tree stump at the beginning of September are ready for adoption.

Armani and Domino have grown into gorgeous, cuddly kittens.

Having been bottle-fed, they are exceptionally tame and playful and would ideally like a home with children who would give them plenty of attention.

Now 9-weeks-old, if you think you can offer them the perfect home, please contact AIN’s cat helpline or check out their details on AIN’s Facebook page, which has an album of all the cats and kittens who are looking for homes.

To help AIN’s animals, please donate €2 to AIN’s ‘Help Us To Help Them’ fundraising appeal via your phone by texting the word ‘KITTEN’ to 50300. Every last cent goes directly to the rescued animals for their food, bedding, vet bills, worming treatment and vaccinations.

For further information on adoption, fostering, volunteering etc, please contact the main helpline on 087 1356188. For cat/kitten enquiries please call 087 7644420. Animals In Need Donegal is also on Facebook and has a website at http://www.animalsinneeddonegal.com.

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‘Pandemic Pups’ are overwhelming animal rescues warns Donegal Animals in Need

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