Let Sleeping Hippos Lie | My Shetland

Let Sleeping Hippos Lie | My Shetland

Newt is a solid little gentleman who has always has been a-leg-at-each-corner type of Shetland pony.  There is nothing wafty and fragile about him.  He wouldn’t blow over in a storm.

Now 7 years old, Newt was 24″ when he first arrived with us all those years back (aged 5months – his arrival is worth a read, just to see how pathetic he looked in the photos).

Newt is possibly a good 27″ now, I reckon though I should probably measure him, if someone hadn’t nicked my measuring stick. Luckily I have just inherited another so I will maybe one day have a measurement day. It would be interesting to know how tall everyone is.

Anywho, I found little Newt snoozing in the sunshine this morning. There was a brisk wind but it didn’t seem to put him off his forty winks.

Albie and Waffle were close by in attendance too.

And so Albie annoyed Newt enough for him to give up the idea of sleeping, get up and go and ask Silver for a scratch.

You can see how small Newt is compared to Silver who is about 39″ tall.

Despite his lack of size, Newt is the boss and we all do what Newt says.

Apart from Vitamin. She is the boss of Newt and we all must do what Vitamin says.

*** goes off to locate measuring stick ***

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Let Sleeping Hippos Lie | My Shetland

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