The Politics of Ducks

The Politics of Ducks

Today I decided, wisely or not, to let Mrs Ducky #1 out with her ducklings.

This is our first batch of ducklings and they are over 5 weeks old and pretty large now.

Pepper and I had a small discussion about friends not food.  I trust her now.

And Mrs Ducky was thrilled to be out and about with her bebbies.

Mr Ducky was around, outwith the fence, and I felt sorry for him as he has been spending most of his days outside their duckling pen talking to them.

So I made the decision, stupidly now I think, hindsight being a very accurate science, to let him join them.

To start with I thought this would work and all would be fine.

But suddenly the whole happy family vibe changed.

Mrs Ducky tried her best to protect her babies but she was very submissive and unhappy.

Mr Ducky was a belligerant sod who was not quite attacking but I suddenly didn’t trust him.  He was nipping his bebbies, not trying to kill them but it made me worry.  Would he kill them?  Is he just establishing the hierarchy?

So I chased Mr Ducky out of the paddock and luckily his flying skills are crap and he can’t get in, so that gave Mum and her ducklings some safe freedom.

I am not sure what to think or do now.  In the real world, Mr Ducky is going to have to live peacefully with his sons and daughters for a while at least.  We can’t go on having individual duck runs. Please no.

So I’ve left Mr Ducky to think about his behaviour. He is back outside the paddock with Mrs Ducky #2 and “Luke”.  He likes to sit by their run.

What to do?  Thoughts, please.

The Politics of Ducks

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