Sheffield animal rescue exhibition marks RSPCA anniversary

Sheffield animal rescue exhibition marks RSPCA anniversary

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The RSPCA celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2024

Visitors can practice rescuing sheep from a cliff and see a horse ambulance from World War One as part of a new RSPCA exhibition in South Yorkshire.

The interactive display has opened to mark the animal welfare charity’s 200th anniversary celebrations next year.

Sheffield’s National Emergency Services Museum hosts the exhibition, which charts the charity’s rescue work.

Geoff Edmond, RSPCA lead wildlife officer, said he hopes it will “promote animal welfare to young people”.

The show includes opportunities for visitors to dress up as an RSPCA officer and challenges them to test if an animal has been microchipped.

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Leland, 13, said he wants to work in the emergency services when he is older

Mr Edmond, who works for the charity in Yorkshire, said: “This is a wonderful opportunity for the RSPCA to showcase some of the amazing work we do to save animals over our 199 years in existence – ahead of next year’s milestone.

“It is also great to be exhibiting alongside the police and fire service who we work with on a daily basis on many rescues and investigations.”

Matt Wakefield, the museum’s chief executive, said: “The RSPCA is the leading emergency services for animals so it is great to show the depth of their life-saving work.”

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A horse ambulance from World War One is on display as part of the exhibition

The exhibition includes a horse ambulance which was used to care for the animals in World War One.

Horses were vital to the war effort and around 8 million were killed during the conflict, according to an RSPCA spokesperson.

The charity launched a fund to raise money for sick and wounded horses and to buy more ambulances, as well as provide veterinary care for the animals overseas.

The society was created in 1824 by a group of campaigners in a London coffee shop, according to the RSPCA.

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Eric, 9, enjoys the interactive displays at the museum

Sheffield animal rescue exhibition marks RSPCA anniversary

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