A Waistline? | My Shetland

A Waistline? | My Shetland

I think that the Shetland ponies may be losing a teensy tiny bit of weight.

I hope I am not fooling myself but I think I can almost see a “waistline” on Fivla.

I found all the ponies after breakfast having a bit of a kip in the spring sunshine.  Although, quite cold, the sun was making an effort.

For a brief moment, I honestly thought Albie was dead.

I love this photo – Vitamin, despite her advanced years, always has perfect posture and stands very upright.  Such a gorgeous mare.

And that is why her son, Indy Ping-Pong won Best Black Stallion at the SPSBS Breed Show in 2007.  He was gorgeous too – obviously a family trait.

Less gorgeous, but always a laugh, are Storm and Waffle, with a hint of Albie in the background, who had now stood up after his death-like nap.

Silver was busy being wind-swept by the harsh south-easterly.

Newt looked like he was settled in with his entourage for the rest of the day.

They are still very hairy mostly because I can’t be bothered to brush them yet.  It’s too cold and the wind will take care of most of it anyway.

So the way forward this spring is the encouragement of waistlines.  I will do anything to keep  laminitis at bay.

We are not going through that again.

A Waistline? | My Shetland

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