Back They Go | My Shetland

Back They Go | My Shetland

Floss and I spent our morning moving the Minions back to Leradale. The snow has gone now, the roads are fine to drive, there is plenty grass in the field and they don’t need to be home anymore.

They were pleased to be “home” except for Newt, who wanted to come back as he had got used to his life of luxury at Thordale, where I wait on him hand and hoof.

Despite his lovely little smile (yes, that’s a Newt winning smile – it’s just different), I said no.  Enjoy Leradale.

So he went off to join his friends. Waffle was with them too.  I have hardened my heart and decided he is better of in this field. If he shivers, then he might lose weight and if it gets really bad, I can rug him.  The others are ok with him in a rug.

Meanwhile, back at home, I was about as popular as a turd in a swimming pool.

I just can’t bring myself to let these three go too. Our farrier put the fear of God into me last time he visited and I need his opinion on the state of their feet and laminitis before they can rejoin their friends.

I know, I know – they all loved being together during the snow but I just have to remain tough.

It is for their own good.  So they are back to being “vampire ponies” again. Out at night but in during the day and I feel like the nastiest person on this earth.

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Back They Go | My Shetland

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