Windy | My Shetland

Windy | My Shetland

Windy today.  This morning was less of a battle, but a battle nonetheless, and I made the executive decision to take rugs off, worrying about it for the rest of the day.  The weather got worse as the day progressed.

I wasn’t around for the rest of the morning as I was at Turriefield learning how to sew seeds, which was fiddly but interesting/fun.

I learned plant stuff!

Later I went home and a well-earned lunch.  Monster had been holding the fort in a noble fashion.

He is now officially a semi Scottish Fold!

And then Pepper came along!

Today has been hard work for all of us.  The rugs went back on this afternoon and all I can say is try putting rugs on Shetland ponies in a Force 10.  I felt like I had been beaten up.  To be fair, though, both Fivla and Vitamin stood like rocks while I faffed about with the flying straps (and ow, they sting when they smack you in the face) and billowing rugs.  Thank God for dear sweet kind little ponios.  Hopefully the wind goes down tonight.



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Windy | My Shetland

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