Hopefully Better | My Shetland

Hopefully Better | My Shetland

The weather is still fairly terrible (understatement of the year – it is ghastly), so having done all my crofting chores, I sat down in the sheep’s stable.  ‘Ster and ‘Bert, who have now rejoined their friends, have not really forgiven me for the eye treatment and I wanted to see if they would talk to me again.

Lambie was up like a shot giving me his best Winning Smile.

And his Greta!

He is so handsome.  What a dude!

Barrel is still perfecting his art, which is very sweet. He is Lambie’s BFF, even though it is totally unreciprocated.  Barrel knows if he follows Lambie everywhere, he is in with a chance for any secret treats.

While I sat down, Edna was one side. She wanted me to kiss her nose constantly.

And ‘Ster was on my other side.  His eyes are much better now.  We did hugging.

‘Bert and ‘Ster were indoors together for a week, and had two injections. I gave up on the eye ointment as it just made Ster hysterical and did nothing. He hated me. Bert never had the ointment and recovered just as quickly with just the injections, which didn’t go well.  Interestingly, when they rejoined their flock, there was an almighty battle between Bert and Barrel.  Thankfully, they’ve sorted themselves out now and, touch wood, no one else has caught it.


Zombie sheep! I am never alone.

Hopefully Better | My Shetland

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