Still Inside | My Shetland

Still Inside | My Shetland

The little boys who have, or had (please, God), laminitis are still inside and they are not minding it one bit.  The farrier is coming next week and only then, after he has seen them and trimmed, etc will we make a decision as to the next phase of their treatment.  Despite their hooves needing a trim, they are actually moving very well and are happy.  I feel they have turned a proper corner but I want my farrier’s opinion first.

Recently the big doors have had to be shut because of the unceasing wind and rain and I feel bad about that.

I like them to be able to see outside and watch the day go past. There is some light from the roof panels but it is not the same.

I tell myself that the boys are actually very glad not to be out in this weather and mud.  They can hear the rain pounding and wind howling outside and know they are safe, warm and dry.

Pepper visits her best friends.

She is very interested in everything and the boys reciprocate – never a mean word – I am very proud of them for that.  Other’s would be less kind (cough *** Vitamin ***).

The hay-boxes are a life-saving game changer for us.  They work brilliantly and do exactly what I need them to do – keep the hay off the sand (oh, the worry of sand-colic).

So that’s where we are.  The farrier’s opinion is needed and I hope he can see an improvement.


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Still Inside | My Shetland

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