The Travels of Monster | My Shetland

The Travels of Monster | My Shetland

The other day a huge box with a sack of TurmerAid in it was delivered so I put it inside our gate, to keep it safe, and OH kindly placed it later on our picnic table outside the house.

I unwrapped the packing tape, took out the sack and lugged it to the feed shed, leaving the empty box on the table with the thought that I would put it away later.

Or so I planned.

The box didn’t remain empty for very long.  Monster swiftly took up residence.  I saw the paw.

So I left him snoozing in the wonderful sunshine.

Later on, I noticed the box had turned round slightly into the sunshine.  Apparently OH had seen the “empty” box, and picked it up to carry it to his shed for disposal…… when he noticed it was heavier than it should be!

Apparently a disgruntled Monster jumped out and OH sensibly replaced the box, turning it slightly into the sun as way of an apology.

To think, Monster was nearly put in the rubbish.

Perish the thought!

Though, I think we would’ve all heard the yowling as the essie-kert (rubbish collection lorry) took him away on a Thursday morning.

Today found Monster in my shed “helping” with the flute duets – more distraction than help, really.

He gets around, does our Monster.

The Travels of Monster | My Shetland

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