Shetland Wool Week Makers’ Market

Shetland Wool Week Makers’ Market

Ponies, sheep, horses, dogs, ducks were all fed in a rush this morning.  I threw their buckets at them and then in a made rush I drove to Lerwick for the 2023 Shetland Wool Week Makers’ Market, where I was meeting an old friend from New Mexico, USA.  We were going to shop!

There were two large rooms full of lovely things and today I am not ashamed to say I started my Christmas shopping.

The Market was in two rooms and we wandered around looking at all the amazing wool-related items.  I saw some friends too and stopped for a chat.


And this was my absolute most favourite stall, for obvious reasons – possibly all things sheep related.

The ease of which I spent money was positively scary but I tell myself this is for Christmas and I am just getting in early and being efficient. Yer, go me!


We had a nice lunch and then onwards home where I put my friend to work!  So, all good and Christmas is on its way to being sorted.  There’s a lot of talent in Shetland I didn’t know about.

Shetland Wool Week Makers’ Market

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