Everyone is Happy | My Shetland

Everyone is Happy | My Shetland

Day 2 and living in the new field is going well.

Obviously I spent all night wide awake worrying whether all my horses were rolling with agonising colic and of course I knew I would turn up today with my buckets to find corpses lying everywhere and it would be ALL MY FAULT!

But, no, I found four happy Icelandic horses stuffing their fat faces with the lovely green grass.  They were very settled and relaxed.

So I was mightily relieved at that.

My imagination runs riot at night with all the terrible what-if’s that might occur.

I think it is because, apart from Klaengur, everyone is so old – 27, 28 and 29.  But then I tell myself that Fivla and Vitamin have managed perfectly well and they are the same age and it is only for a few weeks and it will do the Thordale fields nothing but good and perhaps I need to calm down a bit.

But I worry.

Kolka is busy making friends with the neighbours.  She quite like the little ones, which is good.

But I doubt she could eat a whole one, though!

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Everyone is Happy | My Shetland

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