Muppet Dog! | My Shetland

Muppet Dog! | My Shetland

These days, Ted looks like something off the Muppets. He is in desparate need of his twice yearly wash and hair cut which is luckily booked for the beginning of December.

I feel rather ashamed but Ted is now a croft dog who goes digging and running around in the fields. I doubt my mother would be impressed with how he looks but she would approve of how he lives.

Anyway, hopefully the dog-groomer will recreate a version of perfection and I think I will book Ted in once every three months so he doesn’t go so long and get quite as revolting!

Pepper is just lucky – she is one of those dogs who the mud doesn’t stick to because she is too busy whizzing quickly past.

No one knows how Monster stays so clean. It is one of life’s mysteries.

Meanwhile, the weather continues.

This afternoon there was a small patch of blue sky – possibly enough to patch a Dutchman’s trousers (anyone else know that phrase?)

Apparently it might calm down next Monday…. briefly.

I think we all be pleased if only for a very short time before it revs up again with a possible threat of snow!



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Muppet Dog! | My Shetland

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