Plotting and Scheming | My Shetland

Plotting and Scheming | My Shetland

OH announced that he wanted to touch-up his car ready for selling. So he brought it into the indoor school to spray….. (the only dry place).

And instantly I could hear the plotting and scheming from three wicked little Shetland ponies who were intrigued by their new visitor.

Lots of looking at the car.

And so very much wanting to help.

I said words like “don’t you dare” and “stay away” and I guess they knew they couldn’t reach the car (believe me, they tried) so Storm revenge rubbed his butt at me as if to say “I hear you, but I am not happy”.

Later on, after lunch, with the car now gone, I went to check on my little boys who were still hanging around in the last of the winter sunshine.

Nose kisseys all round for not eating the car.  Well done boys.

So far, Albie, Storm and Tiddles are doing ok in their indoor field.  They seem happy and I check all the time on the food-in and food-out situation.  And everything is soaked too so hopefully, no colic. Please, no colic.

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Plotting and Scheming | My Shetland

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