Determined to be Annoying | My Shetland

Determined to be Annoying | My Shetland

It was a quiet day, which is the best kind for me.  I love quiet days.

In the afternoon, I went into my shed and was easily distracted taking pretty pictures of Little Herself.

I particularly love the little black whiskers on both sides of Pepper’s mouth – like dragon whiskers.

She is a dear wee dug with a very forceful personality.

Talking of forceful personalities, there I was stabbing happily away making a sheep when I saw out of the corner of my eye, a white flash wobbling his way along with the whining accompaniment.

So of course Monster then spent his afternoon getting in the way while I removed all the sharp needles that he was determined to sit on.

And then there was the prodding me sharply, endlessly to get my attention.

In the end I gave Monster a dog dental chew to entertain himself with.  It seemed to do the trick.

And he happily alternated between eating it and dropping it on the floor.

Obviously, I had to have some undying gratitude.

It was brief, though.

Then Monster wanted to go outside and off he went.

During all this, I managed to make these two.  As well as Shetland wool, there’s probably some cat hair in them too.



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Determined to be Annoying | My Shetland

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