Silly Boys | My Shetland

Silly Boys | My Shetland

Feeding the Old Ladies takes a while. I fed extra today as we are due some shocking weather in the next 48 hours (snow, snow and more snow) so I like to think their internal boiler/furnace (tummy) is stoked.

So, I sat on a rock and waited. It didn’t take long.

On my front knee end was Tiddles.

He is such a sweetie and gives the best kisses.  We chatted.

Then Fivla was fed up with Albie (she got cross with him for trying to get her bucket) so he came running to me to tell me all about her meanness. I said “Well Done Fivla!” and gave Albie a kiss.

Behind me was busy too.  Storm had arrived and wanted to “chat”.

I hate Selfies. I never look good so ignore me and look at Storm.

But Storm hates Selfies too and got his revenge, taking it out on my poor coat.  It never stood a chance.  Neither did I!  They make me smile.


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Silly Boys | My Shetland

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